Hi, and welcome to One Designs. Here you can find a collection of free WordPress themes, tutorials and articles about WordPress and the web design world.

Our WordPress themes are licenced under GPL and completely free, which means you can use them in any way you like, whether it’s powering up your website, giving your blog a new look, using it for some other project or modifying and redistributing them.

Some of our themes are created from scratch, other are forged after free web templates by various creators. All our themes follow the guidelines at the WordPress Theme Directory, where they also can be found. This means you can be sure to use feature-rich, updated and well written themes.

We like to share our knowledge, so among other we also write tutorials for WordPress and other web development related subjects and also articles to keep up with the web development world. Basically, when we discover something fun, interesting or useful we share it with the world.

All this started sometime in 2009 out of simple passion for WordPress and Web Design. First this wanted to be a place where for sharing works: WordPress themes, free web templates, online portfolios. Then,  we realized more of WordPress’ potential and what it can do and also the popularity it had among people and decided to dedicate the website mostly to WordPress and theme development.

Now you may ask yourself who’s behind all this

My name is Daniel and I’m a self-taught web designer and developer and WordPress guru. I have a passion for visual arts, so I like to design beautiful things and also for the technical part of it so I also like to play with code.

I’m 20-something years old, live in Bucharest, Romania. Among others I also have a passion for music and cinema and if I’m not playing with code or designing layouts then I’m probably studying music and film making.

You can find me in most articles from this website, at the forum and you can find me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

Hope you like my website and find useful the stuff we have to offer.

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