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Customize Your Header Tutorial and Question

Hey Guys,

I had problems customizing the header and Daniel states that this is also not intended with this theme. Since I want both, an individual header and Pinboard theme, I tried to figure out how to do it, searched the entire forum to figure this out.

1. To cut out margins, add
#site-title {

to your custom style CSS at dashboard/themes/layout

2. To cut out the mandatory header search field add:

#header input#s { display: none; }

at the same location.

3. To customize the size of your header replace:

// Allows users to set a custom header image
add_theme_support( ‘custom-header’, array(‘width’ => 759,
‘height’ => 500,

in your functions.php

Finally, my header is not perfectly working (only almost). It won´t go over the half of the header size. Can anybody help me with this?

Thx, hope this help everybody who has the same problems with this beautiful theme..

I am having the same issue. It seems like there is something holding the space open on the right side of the header area that is overriding the code changes Schorsch has made, which also work for me as he describes.

The header will not extend to the full defined width & height.

I love this theme but would like to fix this among other things related to the sidebars, grid & menu. I will search further on these issues before posting in the applicable location.


Hey Jody, thx for your answer. I fixed that now :) Simply deleted the theme and re-installed it. (think that restored the functions.php).. I don´t have problems with that right area now but a space beneath my header that appeared now.. grr

This is making me crazy, but I´ll fix that and then post again..

Hello all! I performed step one and two as per Schorsch’s suggestion… however… I can’t quite figure out #3. It says

3. To customize the size of your header replace:

// Allows users to set a custom header image
add_theme_support( ‘custom-header’, array(‘width’ => 759,
‘height’ => 500,

in your functions.php

I went to my functions.php file… and found nothing that looked like this should be replacing anything. Am I just supposed to insert it somewhere? If so… where?

I too would like to more easily have the header extend to the full defined width and height of the space available at the top. Please advise in a very simplistic manner to help address this issue.

Thanks so much!!!!!

Nuduane –

Starting at line 52 this is what I did:

// Allows users to set a custom header image
add_theme_support( ‘custom-header’, array(

‘width’ => 1100,
‘height’ => 204,

//’width’ => ( pinboard_get_option( ‘retina_header’ ) ? 392 : 196 ),
//’height’ => ( pinboard_get_option( ‘retina_header’ ) ? 96 : 48 ),

However this does not allow for the full header to be utilized. I believe it is the social networking icons and the search bar that are keeping the header from extending to the full defined height & width. It has been rather frustrating to figure out what or where the code it that causes seems to keep this space from being used.

Schorch –

Any progress?
I am not sure I completely understand your last post. If I were to re-install the theme and functions.php would be replaced wouldn’t that take me back to square one? Perhaps I did not interpreted your post correctly. Can you please clarify?

One Designs –

Perhaps this is a function to be added to the theme – The ability to move whatever is in that space to another widget location AND the ability to extend the header to the desired size and position. I have seen this function on many other themes. In the short term it would be nice for instructions for doing this in a (solved) post.



the tutorial by Alexander works very well with my site. Thank you very much for the efforts. Your explanation should really be sticky or included into the FAQ..

Thank you!

I am also having a problem with this issue… and more… I tried to go to Alexanders blog, but no go… I was able to stretch my header by creating an image that spans that area and changing the width of the header img. But my big issue is the space below – white space separating the header from the nav bar. And my sidebar is above the navigation… phew – very frustrating. Anyone out there have solutions to these issues?

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