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Frequently Asked Questions

Text is not wrapping around images
This is caused by an improper overflow command. Open style.css and delete overflow:hidden located in line 316.
Issue fixed in latest version.

Not all my pages are showing up in the navigation
The pages shown in the menu are limited to a number of 6 to avoid the navigation collide with the search form. To remove this, open header.php, find the function wp_list_pages located in line 85 and remove &number=6 from its arguments.
Fixed in latest version.

Thumbnails are not showing up
If you’re using the Timthumb script, the images need to be in the same domain as the website or you need to add the images’ domain as an exception in timthumb.php.

Hi Daniel,
Sorry to ask this, but can you verify the steps to change a content block on the home page to a different category?

For example – I changed “featured” to my own category “Seen, Heard” a month ago. But now I want to make it the category “Forest Work”… but i cannot remember how I did it. Sigh.

I know I had to change in at least two places:
-in mystyles.css I changed the category at #seen-heard to #forest-work
-in home.php I changed the h3 line of what the category was called

However, although the title bar now says Forest Work, the content is still the “Seen, Heard” category.

Is there another place that I have to change it?

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