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Slide Show (Slider) questions

I wanted to downsize the slide show (slider) size.

So, I changed it from 1140, 395, to 800, 600,
in functions.php.

add_image_size( ‘slider-thumb’, 1140, 395, 1 );

add_image_size( ‘slider-thumb’, 800, 600, 1 );

But it didn’t change the size.
Will you tell me what else should I have done?

How to move the title on the right side of inside of the slide show (slider) to appear lower than dead center?

Thank you so much.

1. In style.css for #slider .wp-post-image remove width: 100%; I don’t guarantee it will look good.
2. For the selector #slider .entry-title you can play with the top and left values to position the title.

… I managed to find how the slide-show is working, but I’m still not able to display a blog or portofolio under my slideshow as it is done on the demo homepage … I would like to have the menu, slideshow, and then blog 4 columns displaying the articles on one categorie…

someone to give me some light ?


And why is my slider bigger than the one on the Pinboard demo version? The one in the demo is great but mine was all big when I added my first sticky images, thats why I try to change my slider size now.

Hi there, first of all I thank you for a good looking theme!

Question: I have managed to get the slider to display on my “home” page but for some reason it shows up again on my “blog” page (so I have two pages that have the same slider) – does it just automatically show up on blog pages and if so can I disable it?

Also, on my home page and all subsequent pages I have a search input box and “Recent Posts” in my header… instead of the social icons??

Sorry two questions… many thanks in advance.

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