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    Ebony n Ivory

    I have several WoedPress sites, and have a pretty basic

    knowledge of how to set one up…  My question:  Is this

    theme going to be too much of a challenge for me to set up?

    I hope not because I’m really attracted to it…  I’m a marketer…  Would it be practical for me to use it for that purpose?

    Thank you,,,



    The way you type, I think your screwed! Good luck!

    Daniel Tara

    @mattdmin: Her screwed? What about her screwed, because I can’t understand from the way you type. (Sorry but I couldn’t resist the irony)

    @Ebony n Ivory: It depends what you intend to achieve. The theme is suitable for a blog or small online magazine, supports widgets, post thumbnails, custom menus, headers and backgrounds.

    You can also tweak the layout from theme options, like move the sidebar to the right or turn it off completely, switch color schemes and turn some sections of the website off (like social media icons or the author box). Basically what you see in the theme demo you can achieve with just the WordPress admin. Anything else you would need to tweak the code to get it.


    That was wrong of me, apologies! To many whiskey and cokes!

    In my opinion Linda, this is a good theme. Lots of nice options. Plus it’s free. Some things like the menu need to be hashed out IMO, but that’s the least of my worries. It has some nice layout options and it’s really easy to make a new template to fit your needs. I’d suggest trying it out!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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