hReview Plugin Not Working with Enlightenment

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    since I start using Enlightenment,Google stopped showing in the search results the review stars of the products I feature in my site .

    I am using the hReview Plugin to rate the products in my site.

    Author hReview

    This plugin allows you to rate a certain product that you feature in your site. The number of stars you give to this product show in Google search results, increasing the click through rate.

    Since I start using Enlightenment, the stars are not showing any more in Google Search Results.

    Do you know how I can fix this?


    Daniel Tara

    It is possible that the theme’s Schema Markup feature is conflicting with the plugin. Unfortunately there is no option to disable it but a simple code snippet should do it. I suggest creating a child theme for this task.

    1. Create a child theme
    2. Create a file called functions.php in the child theme’s directory
    3. Add this code to the functions.php file
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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