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    I am using the theme “Enlightenment” and no matter what I do, the mega-menu is not working.

    Any ideas? I can provide login info….


    Daniel Tara

    The URL you specified lands on a coming soon page. Can you expand a bit on “no matter what I do”? What have you tried?



    Thank you for your reply. This is a wonderful theme. I actually figured this one out, BUT – now that I have the attention of support, there is a HUGE issue I am dealing with. I apologize that the site is locked. If you need log in credentials, I will gladly provide!!!

    The “More” functionality of this theme for the menu is driving me crazy. I cannot find any way to disable this “More” function.

    (Here is another topic regarding this, with no response from theme support: ……. I do not wish to dive so deep into theme files, especially if there is an update on the horizon.)

    I worked on this theme for quite some time, only to open up the page in Internet Explorer and see this “More” menu item, instead of my entire menu. And the “more” item doesn’t even show the entire menu. The menu on mobile devices looks and works just fine –

    I do not wish to have this “More” item at all. If it needs to collapse, I would rather see the mobile nav. (But in IE, why does it collapse into “More,” but in Mozilla and Chrome, is does not? And, as posted in the other topic, when the window is resized, “More” shows up.)

    PLEASE – can you provide any insight whatsoever regarding removing this function? If I cannot figure this out, I think I will have wasted my time/work on this theme 🙁

    I am sorry for changing topics, but it seems like the other topic is being a bit neglected and I know there must be a resolution somewhere!

    Thank you dearly in advance.

    – Paul
    [email protected]

    Daniel Tara

    It is explained in the topic that you linked that you can remove a JavaScript function that disables that functionality. In a future update that functionality will be replaced with something completely different. Until then, this is all you can do.


    Ok, thanks for your prompt response!!! I truly appreciate it.

    It looks like his listed “First Fix” is supposed to remove the functionality – which is my intent. But, he says “when the window is enlarged.” I want the “More” menu item to not exist… A plus – instead of “More,” it would display the mobile nav. But that’s best case scenario. At the least, I just want “More” to go away.

    His second fix is only to ADD the correct “working” menu functionality to the “More” function. I am only interested in removing this “More” function completely.

    First fix – make the ‘More’ menu go away when the window is enlarged
    Edit /wp-content/themes/enlightenment/js/call.js;
    Find the line (around line 28) which looks like this:
    if($(window).width() >= 768)
    and change it to this:
    if($(window).width() >= 768 && $(window).width() <= 1000)
    Note: I used ‘1000’ because it works with my navbar. You may want to try another value if things don’t look right for you.

    NOTE: This does not work.

    Then, he adds further:

    I missed out a couple of extra changes to /wp-content/themes/enlightenment/js/call.js:

    Find the line which looks like this (it’s just above the first change we made):


    and change it to this:

    if ($(window).width() <= 1000)

    Again, you may want to change ‘1000’ to something else, depending on the width of your nav menu.

    This doesn’t make sense to me, re: “just above the first change we made.” It seems like he is correcting himself by replacing the code correctly with this second post (and not, in fact, adding to the previous step). Again, this does not work to remove the “More” function. (He goes on to add JS functions, which seem to append more to his “Second Fix” for making the “More” menu work…)

    Then, his “Second Fix”:

    Second fix – make the ‘More’ menu work for submenus
    Again, edit /wp-content/themes/enlightenment/js/call.js;
    Find the two functions enlightenment_trim_nav and enlightenment_untrim_nav;
    Replace them both with this code:

    I do not want the “More” menu to work for submenus, I don’t want it to show up at all. So I believe his Second Fix does not apply here.

    Maybe I am missing something simple? Probably. Again – I tried changing the “Window width” value in call.js, and it does not remove the “More” function….

    Your help is ENORMOUSLY appreciated! If you can explain how to “remove a JavaScript function that disables that functionality” – that’d be great. Thank you so much!

    – Paul



    Just to clarify, I am not too good at JS – so I am guessing, if I isolate the nav trim function and remove altogether, I probably would be fine…. but I am a little lost. If you can tell me precisely what to remove or change, that’d be amazing.

    So, my apologies for missing something that I am presuming is somewhat obvious, and thank you again for your support!

    – Paul

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